The Diabetes Shift
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Pat lowered her blood sugars and A1C, lost 43 pounds, got off diabetic medications, and achieved non-diabetic status in under 6 months!
** Based on individual 6 month clinical results. Individual results vary.

Win Back Your Life From Type 2 Diabetes!
Discover a fresh clinical approach for patients suffering from Type II Diabetes. 
You may be able to overcome your condition and start living the happy, healthy life of your dreams!
Decrease Medications
83% Eliminate oral diabetic medications
53% Eliminate Insulin
100% Reduce Insulin DRASTICALY

Lower A1C
Average A1C reduction = 18% in first 60 days

Reverse Diabetes
43% Declared non-diabetic

Real Results
FREE Book... Reverse It!
Dr. Bletzinger is a bright, compassionate & caring practitioner of functional medicine. In this book, he focuses his knowledge on understanding what causes Type 2 Diabetes and offers a path to reversing this epidemic disease and stop the needless suffering and inevitable decline in health that come with it. This book has the potential to change lives! Dr. Gerald Helwig, DC
Restore The Foundations To Good Health
Natural Weight Loss
Utilizing individualized dietary guidelines patients lose, on average, approximately 14% of their weight which equates to 24 pounds. Most patients achieve this without special diets or exercise.
Reduce Cardiovascular Risk
We see an overall 57% reduction in cardiovascular and inflammatory blood markers that identify an individual's risk level for heart attack, stroke, and cardiovascular disease.  
Improve Blood Lipids
We see between an 88% and 32% reduction in blood lipid levels, including triglycerides and LDL's, while improving HDL's by 14%. This demonstrates a major reduction in inflammations a cardiovascular risk factors.
Optimize Organ Function
Identifying causative factors of perpetuating high, uncontrolled blood sugar and A1C lies in body organs. Optimizing organ systems function (liver, pancreas, kidney, adrenal, brain) restores balance and control to body.
Type 2 Diabetes, at it's core, is an energy depriving disease. Without energy production you cannot function or heal. Our patients restore their energy to resume daily living activities, house chores and even exercise.
Activities Of Daily Living
The physical and emotional fallout of inactivity perpetuates Type 2 Diabetes. Our patients are able to resume the activities they lost the ability to do. These activities range from working to walking to mowing the lawn. 
How Does The Program Work
  • Physician Developed and Supervised to guide you through a custom constructed treatment plan, supervise a safe reduction of medications, and oversee your progress.
  • Individualized and Customized Programming as each patient is comprehensively tested to help create the correct treatment plan.
  • Personalized Dietary Guidance and Health Coaching with our certified nutrition coach to implement the correct strategy for you.
  • Resources On-Demand through our online tutorials, videos, e-books, recipes, online community 
Our Team
Dr. Joshua Bletzinger, DC
Lauren Scalise MS ATC
Additional Resources
Type 2 Diabetes Exposed!
Sign up for this education series and explore:
  • The current epidemic of Type 2 Diabetes
  • How your current treatment plan may be making you worse
  • The Type 2 Diabetes Myths
  •  The Type 2 Diabetes remission!
FREE EBook - The Last Diet!
The Last Diet is your doctor recommended dietary guide to maximize your weight loss results while enhancing your body's glandular and metabolic function.

Written initially for clinical patients in a diabetes-reversal program, the Last Diet provides anyone useful and timeless suggestions for achieving longevity, wellness and easy weight loss through a wholesome diet.
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Over a 14 year career Dr. Joshua Bletzinger DC has owned and directed a solo functional medicine clinic, authored 2 books, and sits at the fountainhead of reversing cognitive decline. 
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