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What You May Not Know About Type 2 Diabetes and What You Can Do About It
"I don't pretend to understand the body chemistry at work here and, frankly, I am more interested in the results and less concerned about how it happened." - Jeff W.
  • You can reverse type 2 diabetes and restore the foundations of good health
  • It is NOT just another type 2 diabetes self help diet book
  • It is NOT a type 2 diabetes magic bullet fix
  • Type 2 diabetes is not a one-size-fits-all condition - It is a complex systemic metabolic disease, often incompletely diagnosed
  • This is a journey to show you there is a way out of type 2 diabetes
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Introducing Reverse It! 
What You May Not Know About Type 2 Diabetes and What You Can Do About It
"There’s been a very well coordinated program by the doctor with thoroughness in checking into my blood chemistry and physiological makeup. I’m feeling myself again. At one time when I was getting medications from my regular doctor I was getting numbness and tingling in one of my legs from diabetic neuropathy. But since I’ve gone on this program and followed it, the numbness has gone away, my legs feel springier, I actually walk my dog and even started to jog a bit. And at one time I couldn’t cut my grass without taking a five minute break every ten minutes. Dr. Bletzinger’s program has been tremendous and I hope to continue the success that’s going. It’s been very successful and I appreciate the doctor’s help." - Richard H.
“I can’t say enough good things! I began the program to reverse my diabetes six weeks ago. When I began, I was on 75 units of Levemir insulin per day. Now I’m at 26 units per day. A week ago, I cut my blood pressure med (Lisinopril) in half (from 20 mg per day to 10 mg). The current blood pressure readings I’m getting lead me to believe I will soon be completely off the med. My energy level is great as well. The doctor is efficient, professional, and easy to talk to, and so is the staff.” - K.T.
Dr. Bletzinger is a bright, compassionate & caring practitioner of functional medicine. In this book, he focuses his knowledge on understanding what causes Type 2 Diabetes and offers a path to reversing this epidemic disease and stop the needless suffering and inevitable decline in health that come with it. This book has the potential to change lives! Dr. Gerald Helwig, DC
"The Secret to Reversing Type 2 Diabetes is
There Are No Secretes!"
These are some of the things you will learn while reading this book
Do you remember the day you were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes? Reconnect with 'Diagnosis Day' to understand what your initial recommendations and medications were. You may have been set up for failure from Day 1. - pg 24
Put your skepticism aside and learn what reversing type 2 diabetes really means. - pg 31
When you look at the accepted recommendations for type 2 diabetes management, everyone is getting much of the same... take your medications, diet, lose weight, and exercise. I will discuss the multiple frustrations I have with the current medical treatment model. - pg 37
Insulin therapy may be dangerous and may be making your condition worse. Insulin resistance defines type 2 diabetes and using insulin and a prescription drug therapy may be making you more insulin resistant. - p40
Everyone gets caught playing the 'lower your blood sugar game' and made to believe your health is good when your blood sugars are 'in control'. Even under this treatment protocol why is it that diabetics continue to suffer multiple diabetic complications? - pg 47
Like medication therapy, mis-informaed and wrongly applied food products and nutritional supplementation can make diabetes worse. pg 51
What type of diabetes do you have? - pg 60
Estrogen dominance in males and testosterone dominance in females... Sex specific hormonal imbalances play a major role in type 2 diabetes, affecting men and women alike. Insulin therapy fuels estrogen dominance and estrogen dominance fuels diabetic complications. - pg 67
Myth #1... Type 2 diabetes is genetic. - pg 76
Myth #2... Type 2 diabetes is familial. - pg 76
Myth #3... You have Type 2 Diabetes because you are overweight. - pg 78
Myth #4... You have Type 2 Diabetes because you do not exercise. - pg 79
Myth #5... You are Type 2 Diabetic because your body or your pancreas do not produce enough insulin do not exercise. - pg 80
Myth #6... Diabetes is a blood sugar problem. - pg 81
Type 2 Diabetes is a diagnosis code handed out to a patient that reveled high blood sugars and A1C levels a routine blood lab. This diagnosis code is used to prescribe medication to lower and maintain blood sugars. This diagnosis is used to label a person with a disease process without looking for the causative factors to why someone has Type 2 Diabetes. - pg 85
Insulin resistance is the inability of insulin to act properly on body cells to deliver sugar to create energy. There are many causes to why a person has become insulin resistant. These are discussed on page 90.
Type 2 Diabetes is a diagnosis but there is much more to the puzzle. Each person is unique in their physiological make-up and so is their diabetes. And so precedes the reasons to why one has lost their ability to regulate their blood sugar. You deserve to know why. - pg 97
And That's Just The First 100 Pages
In the Book...
You'll also get access to my clinical nutrition protocol, weight loss system, super popular diabetic friendly recipes, and a behind the scenes look at how we run a diabetic care program!
Here's What To Do Next
This book is yours for FREE. It is my gift to you because everyone deserves to know there is a way out of this disease. All I ask is you pay shipping and handling ($7.95).
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When you get the book you will get access to my system of showing type 2 diabetics reverse their condition and restore their health... FOR GOOD!
I will take you behind the scenes of our clinic, share case studies, and show what functional medicine and clinical nutrition is all about.
In case you are wondering why i'm doing this...
The fight against type 2 diabetes is very personal to me. People are suffering needlessly with a disease that is clearly reversible.
Because, as a functional medicine practitioner, I want to help as many people as I can restore and maintain their health without the use of prescription medications. I've developed a clinical expertise in helping people restore their health... naturally!
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This is a way to get my product and clinical expertise in your hands to show you reversing type 2 diabetes can be done and empower you to take action on your own health.
Becasue I'm tired of seeing the $30 self help books that tell you they have the magic bullet in curing diabetes only to have any results rebound and take the person right back to where they started. 
Here's why...

I currently have a limited number of copies of this book. And when they were expensive to make. But it was written for you. And when they are gone, they are gone!

I think you will enjoy this book. But also what's on the other side is a first hand look at how we go about the clinical process of helping our patients and my diabetics get well... That's right, REVERSE THEIR DIABETES!
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P.S.  You are at the end of my letter. If you skipped all they way to here, here's a quick summary of what you will get...

I will mail you my 149 page book, "REVERSE IT! What You May Not Know About Type 2 Diabetes and What You Can Do About It" for FREE (a retail value of $20). All you have to do is pay $7.95 for shipping and handling. 

There are no catches, "trials", magic bullets, hidden sales, up sells, or anything else to getting a FREE copy of this book.

The only thing you will get is the opportunity to learn more about type 2 diabetes and my clinical model for helping my diabetics REVERSE their condition.
Over a 14 year career Dr. Joshua Bletzinger has owned and directed a solo functional medicine clinic, authored 2 books, and sits at the fountainhead of reversing cognitive decline. 
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